Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Weekends 9am - 4pm
Overnight dogs must arrive by 2pm

Closed for pick up & Drop Off on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas

Facility Visits
Monday - Friday: 10am - 2pm
Weekends: 9am - 2pm
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Doggie Day Camp
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Full Service Dog Grooming
Do Your Own Doggie Wash
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Day & Overnight Camp

Two Paws Up Happy Camp for Dogs is owned and operated by Jeanne Miller, with help from her assistants and canine children. In a previous life, Jeanne spent time as a teacher and business owner in the fast paced world of high-tech electronics. Today, she prefers to spend her days with dogs.

Two Paws Up is a fully socialized cage

free doggie day camp and overnight

boarding facility, licensed to operate in

San Diego County. We have an acre of

open space where your dog is free to

romp and explore with other friendly

dogs in a safe, supervised environment.

Staff is on the premises 24 hours a day,

7 days a week so your dog is never left

unattended. Guests are screened for

sociability before being accepted into our Camp for day camp or boarding. In addition, all dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered. We avoid most conflicts between dogs by watching their behavior and anticipating problems rather than waiting for them to happen. We use time outs and positive feedback to help dogs learn to behave properly in a socialized environment. For the safety of our staff, our canine guests, and visitors to our facility, dogs who consistently misbehave or show aggression toward other dogs or people are confined and not allowed to return to our camp.

For your convenience, Two Paws Up has full service grooming available. If you would like to have your dog groomed during his or her stay, just let us know when your dog arrives. Unless you specifically request otherwise, dogs who spend more than 2 nights are bathed before going home.

We have several buildings for your dog to

An active lifestyle keeps your dog calm, physically fit and mentally alert. Healthy dogs live longer and require fewer trips to the vet. If your dog is overweight, the answer is not to feed less, but exercise more. If your dog is likely to suffer from hip, knee or elbow problems, the best medicine is consistent exercise to improve muscle tone. After a visit to Happy Camp, your dog will return home tired and content.

Dogs prefer to be in a pack. It is not in their nature to spend their days alone. They have a language all their own that helps them communicate and resolve differences. Dogs learn “doggie etiquette” through play and interaction with other dogs. Dogs who have not socialized with other dogs often cannot speak or understand this language. This can cause miscommunication, leading to conflicts and at times, aggression. How does your dog behave around other dogs? If you are not sure, then chances are your dog could use some socialization. How does your dog behave around strangers? A good way to accomplish this is in a structured, supervised environment such as Two Paws Up, which allows your dog to exercise, make friends and become socialized, all at the same time. At our camp, your dog will become more confident with both dogs and people.

If you are not convinced, try letting your dog visit for a day. Then brace yourself for the excitement the next time he visits our Happy Camp or sees our van.

come in out of the rain, or nap in the shade on a hot summer day. Outfitted with doggie beds and futons, even our most discriminating guest can find a comfortable place for a nap or a break between activities. There is a grass play yard and a bark yard for dogs that like to play ball or enjoy a game of chase. We have a sandbox for dogs who like to dig, play in the soft sand or just like a quiet corner to rest. For swimmer dogs, we have just added a 5 ft deep swimming pool. We also have wading pools for dogs looking to just cool off.

As much as possible, we provide socialized overnight sleeping accommodations in our cabana, our sun porch, and our bunkhouse, where we have a separate room for smaller, older or timid dogs. We also have five individual kennels for dogs that prefer to sleep alone or who are not quite ready for socialized sleeping. During the day, these kennels are used as time outs or, on occasion, private dining rooms.

Mealtimes are morning and evening. Puppies and high activity dogs receive a midday meal as well. Food is included in the price for overnight dogs. We feed Flint River Ranch premium dog food in a choice of 4 flavors. If you prefer, you can bring your dog’s regular food. Most medications and supplements are dispensed at no extra charge. We offer our guests healthy treats throughout the day to keep their energy up. Treats consist of various cookies from our bakery, as well as raw fruits and vegetables. With our own doggie bakery on the premises, there is often the opportunity to “taste test” a fresh batch of treats. If your dog has allergies or food sensitivities, or if there are foods you would prefer your dog not eat, please let us know.

After a day of play and exercise, when it is time to go to bed, most of our guests are more than ready to go to sleep in a soft doggie bed or on a futon. Just before the lights go out, we start playing what we call “sleep music” to quiet everyone down and relax them into a gentle slumber. The music plays throughout the night to keep out any distracting noises and allows the dogs to sleep peacefully.

Why Doggie Day Camp?

  • Is your dog home alone all day while you work?
  • Do neighbors complain about excessive barking?
  • Is your dog fearful of dogs or people?
  • Do you wish your dog had better manners with other people & dogs?
  • Does your dog stay overweight no matter how little you feed him?
  • Does your dog overwhelm you with demands for attention?
  • Does your dog tire easily from short spurts of activity?
  • Does your dog become anxious or destructive when left home alone?
  • Do you need a happy place for your dog to go when service people come to your home?

The following are some behaviors dogs may exhibit when they get too little exercise.  If you recognize any of the symptoms below in your dog, you owe it to yourself and your dog to pay a visit to Two Paws Up:

  • Inappropriate Chewing
  • Excessive Barking
  • Counter Surfing
  • Getting into the Trash
  • Jumping on People
  • Mouthing People

  • Whining
  • Lack of Focus
  • Not Listening to You
  • Excessive Home/People Guarding
  • Playing Too Rough with Children ad other Animals
  • Nervousness and Anxiety
  • Impacted Anal Glands, Weight Gain, Lethargy
 Daily Rates
 Half Day
 Full Day
 1 Dog
 $20  $30  $44
 2 Dogs
 $38  $57  $84
 3 Dogs
 $56  $84  $121
Day Camp and Overnight Daily Rates

Half Day is up to 5 hours. More than 5 hours is considered a Full Day. Day Camp hours are 7am to 6 pm weekdays and 9 am to 4 pm weekends..

Boarding Rates are based on a 24 hour period. Add a half day for 1-5 hours past the 24 hour period. Add a full day for 5+ hours past the 24 hour period, up to the next overnight. Food is included in boarding rates. Most medications are dispensed free of charge..

We like to send your dog home to you clean. All dogs spending more than 2 nights at camp will be bathed on departure unless you specifically tell us NO BATH.

For stays 7 nights or more, a camp bath/towel dry is complimentary, or we offer a credit toward grooming. Some dogs must be blown or brushed out after bathing to avoid matting or excessive shedding.

If that is the case with your dog, please discuss the grooming options when your drop your dog off for boarding, or we will use our best judgment regarding your dog’s exit bath.


Discount Packages
Half Day
Full Day
Overnight Boarding
10 Pack
20 Pack    $350
30 Pack $510
 40 Pack    $660

 Active Military
 $18  $27  $40
Discount Packages

Discount Packages are available for half days, full days and overnight boarding.

Day Camp Packages
include discounted boarding at the 10 Pack Rate and discounted van service.

Overnight Boarding Packages
include a camp bath for each dog with every stay (or an equivalent credit toward grooming) and discounted van service. Discounted rates are per dog, but may be used for multiple dog families.

Discount Packages are prepaid and non-refundable unless your dog is dismissed from camp at our discretion. There is no required schedule, but packages must be used within 6 months of purchase or forfeit the balance.
 Camp Bath
 Towel Dry $20/Blow Dry $25
 Nails   Nail Clip $12.50/Nail Grind $16
 Vet Visit  $20 + cost of vet service
 Van Service (rates/family)
 Std Overnight
 Day Camper
 Discount Pkg
 $12 per trip
 $6 per trip
 $6 per trip
 No Show for Van  $15
 No Show/Late Cancellation Charge  $100
 Returned Check Charge  $30
 After Hours Pick Up/Drop Off  $20
 Holiday Pick Up/Drop Off (on approval)
                                      Other Service Charges
Van Service
Mornings & Evenings/Monday – Friday (excluding Holidays) by reservation

Gopher Canyon Park & Ride                                           7:45 AM/4:45 PM
             (corner of Gopher Canyon & Old 395)

Hidden Meadows Park & Ride                                                             8:00 AM/5:00 PM
            (east side of Hwy 15)

Starbucks @Target Shopping Center                                 8:15 AM/5:15 PM
             (W Valley Pkwy between Hwy 15 & Auto Park)

Via Rancho Shell Station (West side of Hwy 15)                   8:30 AM/5:30 PM

Home pick up and drop off also available in some areas. Call for details

Prices, terms & conditions subject to change without notice.

Requirements & Conditions

Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to attend day camp or board overnight.

Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.


Dogs must have proof of current Rabies (over 4 months), Bordatella , and DHPP or titer equivalent.


Before a reservation is confirmed for Day Camp or Overnight Boarding, all dogs must pass a sociability screening. There is no charge for this evaluation. Owner must complete Client Information sheet and sign our Client Consent Form prior to dog (s) arrival at Two Paws Up for day camp or boarding.

A $100 deposit or a credit card on file is required for first time boarders and for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday reservations. This deposit is not refundable, but may be credited toward another stay if the initial reservation is cancelled with 72 hours notice.

Discount Packages are available for day and overnight stays. If you choose to use one, it must purchased in advance of your dog’s stay at Two Paws Up. Discount packages are good for 6 months and are non-refundable.

Half Day Camp is up to 5 hours. More than 5 hours is considered Full Day Camp. We are open for day camp on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. However, there is no van service available on the weekends.

Overnight rates are based on a 24 hour period. Add a half day for 1-5 hours past the 24 hour period. Add a full day for 5+ hours past the 24 hour period, up to the next overnight.

Dog food is included in all overnight prices. Most medications are dispensed free of charge. You are welcome to bring your dog’s regular food to camp if you prefer, but there is no price discount for doing so.

We like to send your dog home clean. Unless you specify NO BATH at check in, all dogs spending more than 2 nights at camp will be bathed on departure. For stays of less than 7 nights, there is a nominal charge. For stays of 7 nights or more, the camp bath is complimentary, or you may receive a credit toward one of our grooming packages. Our complimentary bath is a bath/towel dry. Some dogs must be brushed out after bathing to avoid matting or excessive shedding. If that is the case with your dog, please discuss the grooming options when your drop your dog off for boarding, or we will use our best judgment regarding your dog’s exit bath.


Holiday Premiums
There is a holiday premium charge of $5 per dog per night for Thanksgiving (Weds -Sun), Christmas/New Years (Christmas Eve - New Year’s Eve), Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), July 4th Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday). Premiums go directly to the employees who give up their own holidays to help make yours special.

Check In/Check Out
Overnight Check-In Time is 2 pm. Late arrivals are subject to a $20 late fee
Pick up and drop off times at our facility are Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm, and 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. After hours pick up is available by special arrangement only. After hours pick ups or drop offs are subject to a $20 late fee.


Camp is closed for pick up or drop off on New Year’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday pick up may be available by special arrangement only and is subject to a $20 late fee.


We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Payment is due when your dog departs unless you have purchased one of our prepaid discount packages.


(760) 749-4022 Ph        E-mail

(760) 749-4058 fax
27361 North Wohhlford Rd.
Valley Center, CA 92082

Request quote for 4+ dogs

Van service not included in above prices.