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Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Weekends 9am - 4pm
Overnight dogs must arrive by 2pm

Closed for Pick Up & Drop Off on the following holidays:
New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas

Facility Visits
Monday - Friday: 10am - 3pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
By Appointment

Socialized Dog Boarding
Doggie Day Camp
Day School & Day Training
Board & Train
Fitness Swimming
Full Service Grooming
Do Your Own Doggie Wash
Van Service Monday-Friday,
(except holidays)

Flint River Ranch Premium Dog Food
Martingale Dog Collars, Leashes
& Harnesses
Goughnuts Chew Toys
Hand Made Fleece Toys
Dog Training Supplies
Homemade Natural Dog Treats

                    Experience Two Paws Up!


    (760) 749-4022
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27361 North Wohlford Rd.
Valley Center, CA 92082

What makes us different also makes us special!

Two Paws Up is not a franchise. We are one of the first cage free boarding facilities licensed to operate in San Diego County. We celebrated 15 years in business this year, so we have lots of experience socializing dogs in an open environment. Since many of our guests have come from rescues, we are very familiar with separation anxiety, fear aggression, resource guarding and a lot of other baggage rescue dog can bring to a new home. We can give you advice,. We can help you with training and socialization so your dog has a chance at a normal, happy, well adjusted life.

Two Paws Up makes forever friends. It is our goal to developlong term relationships with you and your dog, so we become part of your extended family. Many of our customers, we are on the second and third generation of dogs at Two Paws Up.

We offer our customers peace of mind. Owners know that we treat our guests as if they were our own dogs. We are small enough and personal enough to know all of our guest dogs by name and personality, so we know how to keep them safe and happy during their stay with us. We are all about the dogs. We have created an environment where dogs can relax, have fun, and most of all, be themselves. Whether dogs come for the day or spend a week or two with us, they consider a visit with us to be a vacation. They don’t worry about where their folks are. They know they will be back for them. We don’t have web cams. Our facility is just too big and the dogs run around too much. However, we frequently post camp pictures on our web site and Facebook page for all to see.

We have an acre of property in the country for the dogs to run and play. There is a grassy field to play ball; a sandbox for digging; a swimming pool for swimmers and wading pools for the dogs to swim or just cool off in the water. Our fields and play yards are large enough for the dogs to run. We have several buildings the dogs have access to during the day, so there is always a choice about whether to be outside or inside. This also means there is always access to potty outside, so all of your hard earned potty train-ing is not compromised.

     Our exceptional team provides dogs in our community with a home away
   from home to play, learn, and relax in safety and comfort; and gives their  
             human families peace of mind while they are away from them.


Camp is closed for pick up or drop off on New Year’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday pick up may be available by special arrangement only and is subject to a $20 after hours fee.

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Payment is due when your dog departs unless you have purchased one of our
prepaid discount packages in advance.

We are truly a socialized boarding facility. Our guests are not normally kenneled at all during the day. Around noon, we have quiet time, where we encourage the dogs to take a nap. But our nap time is socialized. The dogs can choose their favorite quiet shady place to take a snooze. After nap time, it is back to playing until it is time for the day campers to go home.

Our overnight charges are based on a 24 hour day. If your dog arrives at 9:00 am, your overnight is not over until 9:00 am the following day.

We don’t charge extra for our Overnight Campers to attend Day Camp. We also don’t charge extra for treats or dispensing most medications. We bake our own cookies using all natural human grade ingredients, and we offer fruits and veggies to dogs that like them, all at no extra charge.

We cater to dogs of all sizes. About 25% of our regular day campers and boarders are dogs weighing 25 pounds or less. Many of our large dogs actually prefer to play with the little guys. We teach the big dogs and the little dogs to play together, and closely super-vise their play. It is all part of our socialization. Some of our biggest dogs weigh less than 20 pounds. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. At night, however, the littles stay in their own room. We can also accommodate families with large and small dogs so they can stay together as much as they want, day and night.

We are not a franchise. Our facility is owner operated and owner managed. We have been in business for thirteen years, so we have lots of experience socializing dogs. We also have experience working with separa-tion anxiety, fear aggression, resource guarding and a lot of other baggage a rescue dog can bring to a new home. We can give you advice,. We also have a trainer available to help you deal with these issues so your
We cater to dogs of all ages. Puppies and older dogs both have special needs, which we understand and accommodate. Being around active younger dogs can keep the seniors young, as long as they don’t get stepped on. Being with more mature dogs helps youngsters learn manners much more quickly than they would if they only associated with puppies.

Food is included in the price for overnight guests. But we don’t feed just any food. We feed Flint River Ranch Premium Dog food in 4 different flavors (Original recipe with chicken, Lamb & Rice, Fish & Sweet Potato, and Senior/Lite with glucosamine added. Our meals also include a special fish soup to moisten the dry food and whet the appetites of our most discriminating guests. A well fed dog is a relaxed dog, and we like our dogs to relax while in our care. We also accommodate special diets and medications, again at no extra charge, so there is minimal disruption of your dog’s regular routine. For puppies and high activity dogs, we often feed an additional meal to keep their energy up. We are glad to discuss that with you if we feel it is in the best interest of your pooch.

At night, all of our dogs sleep inside insulated rooms. We have fans and heaters to regulate the temperature so the dogs stay comfortable despite the temperature outside. If it is particularly cold, we have extra coats and blankets for short haired and thin skinned dogs. Dogs are grouped at night by compatibility, to ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep. We have cameras in all of our sleep rooms and most public areas, to ensure the safety of your dog. Small dogs have their own sleep room. If a dog is not quite ready for dormitory sleeping, or you prefer your dogs to sleep alone, we have private sleeping areas as well.

Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day. Our guests are never alone, day or night.

We like to send our dogs home clean. We give complimentary baths to dogs who stay with us a week and for those who have discount overnight packages. We also offer full service grooming for day and overnight campers. We have a nominal charge for baths for short stays unless you have an overnight discount package, but the sweet smell of a tired clean dog is definitely worth the price.

Requirements & Conditions

Dog Requirements
Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to attend day camp or board overnight.
Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
Dogs must have proof of current Rabies (over 4 months), Bordatella , and DHPP or titer equivalent. Bordatella is required annually.
Before a reservation is confirmed for Day Camp or Overnight Boarding, all dogs must pass a sociability screening. There is no charge for this evaluation.
Owner must complete Client Information sheet and sign our Client Consent Form prior to dog’s arrival at Two Paws Up for day camp or boarding.

Reservations & Cancellations: All reservations must be accompanied by a $100 deposit or a valid credit card on file. This deposit is not refundable, but may be credited toward another stay if the initial reservation is cancelled with more than 48 hours notice. For no shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, you forfeit your deposit or will be charged a $100 cancellation charge. For designated holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day), you are responsible for the nights you reserve, even if you choose to pick your dog up earlier than scheduled. For overnight stays, dogs must arrive by 2 pm.

Discount Packages are available for day and overnight stays. If you choose to use one, it must purchased in advance of your dog’s stay and you must meet the package minimum requirements. Discount packages are payable in advance , are good for 6 months and are non-refundable unless your dog is dismissed from camp by Two Paws Up. Balances on hand after the 6 month expiration are forfeit.

Half Day Camp is up to 5 hours. Full Day Camp is 5 + hours. Overnights are based on a 24 hour period. Add a half day for 1-5 hours past the 24 hour period. Add a full day for 5+ hours past the 24 hour period, up to the next overnight.

We are open for day camp Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. On Saturday and Sunday we are open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Van Service is available Monday through Friday, morning and evening. No van service on the weekends or designated holidays. Van pick ups for overnight stays are available on the morning run only.

Dog food is included in overnight prices. Most medications are dispensed free of charge. You are welcome to bring your dog’s regular food to camp if you prefer, but there is no price discount for doing so.

We like to send your dog home clean. Unless you specify NO BATH at check in, all dogs spending more than 2 nights at camp will be bathed on departure. For stays of less than 7 nights, there is a nominal charge. For stays of 7 nights or more, the camp bath is com-plimentary, or you may receive a credit toward one of our grooming packages. Our compli-mentary bath is a bath/towel dry. Some dogs must be brushed out after bathing to avoid matting or excessive shedding. If that is the case with your dog, please discuss the grooming options when your drop your dog off for boarding, or we will use our best judg-ment regarding your dog’s exit bath.

Holiday Premiums
A holiday premium of $5 per dog per night is charged for Thanksgiving (Weds -Sun), Christmas/New Years (Christmas Eve - New Year’s Day), Memorial Day Weekend (Friday-Monday), July 4th Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday).

Check In/Check Out
Overnight Check-In Time is 2 pm. Late arrivals are subject to a $20 late fee
Pick up and drop off times at our facility are Monday through Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm, and 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. After hours pick up is available by special arrangement only. After hours pick ups or drop offs are subject to a $20 late fee.